About Us

Trimlight´s Start

In 2010 Ryan, our founder, was tired of hanging lights in the cold just to have to remove them a month later while still buried in ice and snow. He knew there had
to be a better way. He researched diligently on how homes are constructed to see where the best place would be to install lights permanently and how best to do it. He knew that compromising the roof or gutters was not the right thing to do so eventually he determined that installing at the fascia line was by far the best option.

After much research, he found that any lights or wires that are heavily exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun will fail relatively quickly and that directing
the lights outward will only work for very few applications. He figured out that in order to keep the lights lasting for decades and to meet the life expectancy
stated by manufacturers, pointing the lights down was the best design option. Once he determined the best light positioning, he experimented with several options on building materials and found the right shape, raw material type, and size that would seamlessly blend with the architecture but also give the lights the proper installation and ease of maintenance design.

With neighbors soon lining up to get more information, he realized the amazingpotential and brought in some of his best friends to help launch Trimlight as a business. As of today Trimlight has grown exponentially with thousands of homes installed along the Wasatch front alone and over 40 dealerships have been established across the U.S. and Canada.

Although Trimlight has seen several adaptations as technology has improved and LEDs become more and more reliable over time, Trimlight continues to
innovate and develop new and improved products every year. Trimlight’s goal is to light up America and eventually the world with our permanent, programmable lighting that can be customized for every holiday and special occasion all year, every year!

Just a few
amazing benefits

Trimlight is permanent and programmable home lighting that matches your existing

Trimlight is patented! (Patent# 8,926,118) We’ve been around longer than most permanent home holiday lighting systems.

The unique design of Trimlight attaches underneath the fascia of your home or business, which locks the lights securely in place and allows all wires to be out of sight.

Trimlight allows home or business owners to have permanent lighting installed just once, resulting in beautiful lighting at night, that is hardly noticeable during the day!

With Trimlight Select’s programmable lighting, you have the versatility to celebrate any holiday, special event, sporting event, or just enjoy beautiful lighting all year long.

Trimlight offers elegant lighting solutions for patios and decks as well as homes and businesses.

Trimlight offers professional installation within dealer networks!

Dealerships in your area are in demand.

TRIMLIGHT bulbs use exclusively LED lighting technology that is designed to last far longer than conventional, incandescent bulbs and uses only a fraction of the power.

With our TRIMLIGHT SELECT system you can change the color of your lights with the click of a button! The color options are amazing! Now you can celebrate any holiday, sports team or other event! TRIMLIGHT takes the hassle out of installing and maintaining exterior lighting.

Our Trimlight channel is made from high quality, 100% recyclable aluminum that is available in a variety of colors to ensure that we can provide the channel that best matches the color of your home.

Our channel holds the lights in tight and hides the wires from view, leaving your home or business with elegant lighting that will hold in place year round, regardless of weather conditions. We have a residential channel lighting option that is designed to attach easily to most homes. We also offer a commercial channel lighting option that will fit a majority of commercial business buildings.

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