Custom year-round programmable led
Your home is more than
just a place to live.
It’s an extension of your lifestyle and personality.

Residential lighting

Energy-efficient lighting solutions for a warm and inviting home.

Commercial lighting

Customizable lighting options for a variety of business spaces.

More lighting options (globe lights & down lights)

Versatile lighting designs for any space

Perfect For
Any & Every Occasion

  • Holiday

  • Business

  • Accent

  • Security

  • Game day

How Does
Trimlight Work?

Never fuss with putting lights up again!

This product is amazing! It’s great for holidays, parties, special events, or just for an accent at night. Better than I expected and the installers really know what they are doing. I give Trimlight my highest recommendation.

T. Irish

We love our Trimlights – and so do our neighbors! They are very easy to program and change the color combinations. Trimlight worked with us to place the lights exactly where we wanted them on our house…

-B. Newbold

TRIMLIGHT is a great decorative lighting company and option. Great people to work with and my neighbors all love our lights, as do we! We highly recommend them!

-S. Savage

Having Trimlights is the most fun investment I’ve made! Every occasion I get, I light up my house to celebrate! The Trimlight people are great to work with! Ryan has been great! Thank you! (And my husband thanks you for keeping him off the roof!)

-S. Allen

What Your Neighboors
Are Saying

Trimlight Metroplex

in Action!

Visit our YouTube channel to watch Trimlight metroplex in action. Here you’ll find tutorials, ideas, customer houses, and more.


Trimlight Metroplex

Programmability: Customize your lighting to suit any occasion or preference with Trimlight’s programmable options.

Hardly Noticeable During The Day: Trimlight’s low-profile design makes it practically invisible during daylight hours.

Safety & Security: Keep your property safe with Trimlight’s built-in security lighting features.

Durable & Energy Efficient: Trimlight’s LED technology is long-lasting and energy-efficient, providing cost savings over time.

Weather Proof: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, Trimlight is a reliable choice for any climate.

Best in Class Customer Service: Trimlight is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support.

Professional Installation: Trust the experts for a hassle-free installation process and optimal lighting results.

Best in Class Warranty: Trimlight offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality.